United States of Tara

In My Gift to You, Thing of the Day, Uncategorized on March 20, 2009 at 9:03 am

I like it. A lot.

I watched the first episode and was a little skeptical. First of all, I thought there was too much background information and explanation. It turns out, it just wasn’t set up as well as it could have been. For instance, I was thinking “why are they talking like that? Don’t they deal with this all the time?”

It wasn’t until later that they revealed Tara was going off her meds. Or maybe I missed something? Regardless, I didn’t get that we were seeing these alters for the first time and in some cases, so were the characters in the show. However, they were familiar with some of the alters, so this wasn’t consistent. Messy start, but it gets much better.

Anyway, my main problem (and solution) is that I don’t have a TV. I watched UST illegally online. If Showtime were smart, they’d figure out a way for those of us who want to watch TV exclusively online to somehow subscribe to them via the interwebs. Or even better, subscribe to individual shows. I don’t want to watch the shows I really love illegally, but I’m not going to buy a TV, so you need to catch up. However, keep in mind that I’m very broke. But very loyal. Feel free to contact me about us loyal TV-haters, but loyal TV-followers. I will charge you a consulting fee, but I have a ton of information for you.

And I want to bite John Corbett. Yum.


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