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Bobby Jindal inspired a new category: Hypocrite

In Hypocrite, Politics and Other Nonsense on March 2, 2009 at 10:57 pm

Oh, my. Here’s another one.

Bobby Jindal was making the rounds today. While I mostly agree that people should not be criticizing his speaking abilities and presentation, I disagree in a VERY big way that we should not be calling him a hypocrite. His claim that we’re bankrupting our country and our children’s ability to live a good life is definitely something I disagree with, specifically when he jumps right into wanting money for natural disasters.

I don’t disagree with him on providing funding for natural disasters, what I find amusing is that he doesn’t want to fund these things. He just wants the money to come from… where? And he doesn’t seem to want to prevent major fuck-ups, just throw money at them once they’ve already happened. How incredibly shortsighted. He specifically said that the government did not design and build the levees properly and “I think that is a simple concept: You break it. You buy it.”

So maybe we should provide some funding for infrastructure than, eh? Specifically, roads, bridges and levees? You know, those things that have created disasters lately? Like maybe head that shit up before it happens again?

I could say the same of just about anything that is happening today. Banks? Not regulated properly. You break it. You buy it.

Predatory lending? You break it. You buy it.

Overspending on a war that was lied about? You break it. You buy it.

Unfortunately, for you and me, the YOU in break it would be our elected officials and the YOU in buy it is… US.

Damn it Bobby. Now I have a new category and not nearly enough time on my hands to add to it. So many hypocrites, so little time.